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imperfection is a fault, blemish or undesirable feature that's how dictionary describes it, but i say its a human feature or behavior which describe its uniqueness and beauty.


Let yourself be flawed, be beautifully broken, perfectly imperfect, and beautiful in your flaws. Altogether, you are a beautiful disaster.

Let yourself grow against all the odds where society puts you in one box. Don’t be difficult they say, don’t be the odd one, you’re a woman you should not have this much ambition, you shouldn’t be these passionate. You shouldn’t talk too much, you’re a lady, no one is going to marry you if act like that, you should shape yourself for the liking of society. life will be so much simpler if you just do what you are told.  They said;

that the society is so scared to make women be who they are, from birth we got shaped to be money-oriented, job-oriented, kids oriented, family oriented, beauty oriented or husband oriented, but why not make us grow to find ourselves and the others will follow. that we will die without ever feeling of freedom. Always holding the expectation of society but if you break from that and live the life of fulfillment of your spiritual, emotional, physical sense of self. you will taste the freedom you never thought you missed.

 I wonder when did we stop to live the life of fulfillment, when did we start to get confused about what matters. We so focused on material fulfillment we forgot the emotional, physical, and spiritual fulfillment. Only when these four got linked do we get to restore our energy. to fill the emptiness we feel inside, the void that you feel in your gut, the feeling of no matter what you do you feel something is missing. Have ever asked yourself why you feel the way you feel?

Instead of blaming everything and everyone, have you ever tried to find the answers for yourself, you may not have to look far to find what you seeking, you just have to look inside yourself and just let the universe show you. For a long time, I thought I was broken until I realized in this world of imperfection no one has ever been whole, I am perfect in my imperfection, a magnificent work in progress



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Your so right ❤ please keep writing because your thoughts matter.