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The recently finished range is a glass walkway suspended a stomach-flipping 180 meters (590 feet) over a sheer drop in China’s focal Hunan Province.

Haohan Qiao, as it’s known in Chinese, is the most recent in a progression of glass-amazed attractions to open in China and the remainder of the world. Regardless of its fear actuating appearance, its makers state the scaffold in the Shiniuzhai National Geological Park is protected.

Every one of the glass sheets is 24 millimeters thick and multiple times more grounded than ordinary glass. “The extension we fabricate will stand firm regardless of whether sightseers are hopping on it,” a laborer who built the scaffold told the state-possessed China News Service.

“The steel outline used to help and encase the glass connect is likewise solid and thickly fabricated, so regardless of whether a glass is broken, explorers won’t fail to work out.”

Haohan Qiao was initially a wooden extension before the recreation center tested by supplanting a little area with glass in 2014. It chose to expand the rush by patching up the entire bridge recently, making it China’s first all-glass engineered overpass.

Hunan is because of open another glass connect in the not so distant future in the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon zone, around 300 kilometers (186 miles) northwest of Shiniuzhai.

At the point when finished, the Zhangjiajie structure will be the world’s most elevated and longest glass connect – 430 meters in length and 300 meters high.


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