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National museum of Ethiopia

The historical center houses Ethiopia’s aesthetic fortunes. It contains numerous valuable nearby archeological finds, for example, the fossils of early primates, the most celebrated of


Human canvas work

Belgian artist  Wim Delvoye’s human canvas work—an all-over body tattoo inked on the middle of previous Zurich tattoo parlor proprietor Tim Steiner—has motivated another blockbuster


2024 Apple car

Reuters reported that Apple is moving forward with self-driving car technology and targeting 2024 to produce a passenger vehicle. The news agency cited anonymous sources


Cheapest cars for 2021

These models are zero-frill commuters that typically have cloth interior, smaller infotainment screens, and, in some cases, steel wheels. It’s not all bad news. Despite

Animals & Pets

Facts about Cats & Dogs

So cats & dogs are the favorite pets to have for many. Even though the difference between the two is clear, they both serve the