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A magazine targeting the thriving demographic of up-and-coming professionals, decision-makers of our city, the large international community, and the public at large. These are the people who would be buying your products and using your services, staying at your hotels, and drinking your beverages. We are sure that it is clear to you, that this section of society is fed up with the sheer amount of billboards in our city and uninterested in the dismal TV programming we’re offered.

Hasaboch is going to connect with the reader at a level of intelligence and respect not used to in Addis. With insightful, fun, and useful articles focused on current events, fashion, entertainment, healthy living, etc… and rigorous standards of graphic design, Hasaboch is going to set a new standard for monthly publications in the country.

Certain spaces for advertisements in Hasaboch are going to be exclusive and hard to get once they are taken. We invite you to consider our offers below and get back to us at your earliest convenience.

  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Language: English
  • Circulation: 3,000 views daily, projected to grow to 15,000 and up in less than two months
  • Cost to readers: Free